Bobby Bean Goes Wandering

A Day at the Park



"Margaret Ann Brown is an extremely anointed and talented writer.  This book is a good display of her talents, and I believe this book is the first of many.  Margaret, may God bless you and your work."

Pastors David and Donna Spearman, Faith Ministries Center Church, 200 Madison Ave, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503


"A fun book written with integrity and excellence!"

Stella Johnson, church Usher, proof reader, Margaret's aunt, and also one of her best friends.


"As I have watched Margaret grow in the love of Christ, I have witnessed many wonderful fruits manifesting in her life.  Bobby Bean Goes Wandering is one example.  Margaret's love for God and wanting to please her Father motivates her to encourage others to reap the rewards that obedience has brought to her.  There is no limit to an obedient servant."

Linda Johnson, CEO/Designer of Intimate People Greetings,