Bobby Bean Goes Wandering

A Day at the Park



Thanks to all of my Faith Ministries Center Church family in Grand Rapids, MI, for all of your prayers, faith, love, and support!  I love you!

Thank you, Linda, for pushing me to submit my book.  You've been a great encouragement!

I would also like to thank Sarah Barnard of Hume Photography and Sally Funkhouser for their generosity in providing me with a back cover photograph.

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Tate Publishing.  I truly enjoyed the experience.  THANK YOU!

Thanks to all of you who have supported me throughout this entire process!

Apostle Richard E. Williams of Ravenna Outpouring Worship Center...thank you for providing me with my bookstore, Bean Bookstore...  May the Lord bless you in every area for your hours of hard work and your generosity!!!